01.22.18Short Film in Post Production

After about a year, I have completed pre-production and principal photography for my short film entitled Cold Wakeup, and now I'm officially in post-production.

I wrote the screenplay beginning in January 2017, a story about a man incarcerated in a facility by the bad guys, who are in the process of fighting a war to take over and set up a totalitarian regime.

Perry, the main character, experiences torture and is joined by two other cellmates, and together they attempt escape, but things aren't what they seem.

The piece investigates themes of isolation, mental hangups, addictions, misconceptions, the subconscious mind, and the tragedy of not breaking loose from the orbit.

I built the simple sets and enlisted the talents of 26 NYC actors, all of whom enriched my summer of 2017 beyond words!

Now into the first assembly.


My short silent comedy was a success, screened and the musical score I composed performed live by the Schenectady Symphony Orchestra on January 14th, 2018 at Proctor's Theater in Schenectady, NY

Itself a theater with a rich vaudeville history, Proctor's is a beautiful big theater recently renovated in a $ 60 million project.

Looked and sounded great.

07.24.16On-set for horror film for Boulderlight Pictures this summer

I'm working on a set! For me this is a great first opportunity to work crew of a horror flick shot in NY by Boulderlight Pictures.

I'll have to be on set 6pm-7am for three weeks. I'll just think of it as going to Tokyo for three weeks and deal with the jet lag afterwards

10.24.14Hi Fi Art Show

Art opening in East Village, Manhattan

03.07.14Filming of new music video!

Tomorrow I'll be shooting the first scene of my new video "Mommy! I caught another Fish!"

10.08.13Film Shoot with Prateek Goel and Paul Mirsky finished!

Now there is a short funny movie, however I have decided to take it to the next level in learning by using the edited footage I have now as a storyboard

10.08.13Built a dolly track!

This is exciting! Built it out of PVC pipes and fittings, and using 8 skateboard wheels. handheld shots are great but there's nothing like a perfectly still dolly shot!

09.18.13Film Shoot with Prateek Goel and Paul Mirsky this weekend

Film Shoot

08.27.13Exciting Autumn around the corner!!!

This has been a great and productive summer for Orange Betsy! Now begins a busy and creative explosion!

07.06.13KIDDO Show

Playing with Anna Chalon aka KIDDO at The Living Room!

06.22.13Recording with Baba Yaga

Session of writing and recording with Baba Yaga!

05.22.13Mick Lewis & the Fine Print

Playing with Mick at The Bowery Electric, NYC!

04.06.13KIDDO Show

Playing violin and singing with Anna Chalon aka KIDDO at the Cake Shop, Lower East Side, NYC

03.05.13Union League Club, Manhattan

Played classical works with soprano Abigail Wright

01.25.13Baba Yaga on The Colbert Report

For "Hobbit Week" The Colbert Report shows were opened by the music of Baba Yaga. It was great fun, the food was amazing at the studio, and everyone was very cool.

We all sang a melody Morgan Jesse Lappin thought up, Zach Rose played drones on keys, mandolin, and sang a drone on low G, and I played a trillion violin parts to re-create an orchestral string section---including pitch-shifting two violin tracks down to make them sound like cellos and basses!

We re-recorded vocals at the Colbert Studio on the West Side of Manhattan and altogether had three overbubs of ourselves singing---inspired by the Beatles' recording of "Because".

We even sang one overdub with weird crazy voices that made us cough and laugh...then mixed them very low.

01.17.13With Mick Lewis and the Fine Print at Bowery Electric

Orange is playing guitar and singing with Mick Lewis and the Fine Print at one of the best NYC clubs.

From New York Magazine:

The Bowery Electric, a rock bar opened in the former Remote Lounge space, is a straightforward affair à la Midway, R Bar, and others, dimly lit by Edison bulbs: Horsehair-type stools at a long bar in the front room (12 beers on tap) and some tables in the boxy back room, where of course Remote Lounge’s surveillance stations used to be. And while that sounds like an undersell, check out the owner roll: in addition to Diane Gentile, the proprietors are Jesse Malin and Johnny T of Niagara and Black and White (and in Malin's case, Coney Island High before those), which is a hell of a pedigree. The bar is the picture of simplicity, and, given the gatekeepers, we suspect it’ll stay that way. — Daniel Maurer

01.16.13Recording Session for Emilia Cataldo

Played violin tracks for her upcoming album. Craig Levy, engineer.

01.04.13Baba Yaga show at Matchless

Baba Yaga pounds them strings and skins to bring satisfaction to your souls.

12.16.12New Tunes and Slightly Less New Tunes

Orange Betsy is working on new tunes like The Climate Change and The Castle Is Open For You---you can check it out how it's going along in the 'listen' section.

11.15.12With Hannah Elka Meyers Fontana's at 8 pm

Joining Hannah at Fontana's in Manhattan for some of her tunes!

With Nehedar, Fifth Dimension, and Blanket Statmentstein

08.15.12Baba Yaga show at Fontana's Bar - Lower East Side, NYC

Nice space downstairs, bar is great.

08.10.12HAIR: Artist Amanda LaMarco Debut Exhibition

Playing and singing original tunes with Morgan Lappin.

The Black Rabbit Bar 91 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn

05.24.12Playing bass with Mick Lewis and The Fine Print



105 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002-4405

05.18.12Baba Yaga Show at Don Pedro's

We played a show to a very enthusiastic audience. Power cut out on my pedals and I kept singing! Interesting! That's someone telling me "hey how about a song that does this?" Morgan and Zach played awesomely.

05.15.12Open Mic At The Moon and River Café, Schenectady, NY

Wonderful evening of new and old music. I sang my song "Till The Goddess Calls" that I'm writing now.

05.10.12Baba Yaga Show at Rabbithole

Sang an acoustic set of a few Baba Yaga tunes at Rabbithole Studios, with guest guitarist Mike Manetta and percussionist Kody Schumm.